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Pulse want to gift network CPA ad suspended

as a result of advertisers data interface problem, with immediate effect, to give the gift network CPA advertising suspended.

data interface recovery, the product continues to promote.

members in a timely manner to change the code, so as not to affect your income, thank you for your cooperation.

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: http://www.myad.cn

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 2360256

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic! read more

How to analyze the competition keywords easy Amoy

I use

, I explain below how to analyze keywords competition difficult, are some small experience, hope to provide help to the novice.

is currently the best money when the number of Ali mother alliance Taobao CPS customer money mode, the most direct way is to do SEO, through accurate flow into income is the most effective way of the highest conversion rate, the need to establish the key through several methods, and analyze the key word competition difficulty.

, Baidu index

Through the analysis of Baidu read more

Taobao customers use Google free advertising fees earned 3000

I am not very proficient in SEO this profound knowledge, understand a website, art is very poor, single page promotion SEO do not very good, I do not understand, a two do not understand website design do not like the world Master as very beautiful and practical web site, and believe that there are many I like the guest students. But there are alternatives, this road can’t die from a path on another, Google recently pulled everywhere in the customer account send 1000-350 block advertising costs. The advertising fee is good enough to apply to the site on the tutorial everywhere, here do not give a detailed description of the main introduction is to apply to the advertising fee after how to do. read more

Individual developers how to make money two from their most familiar aspects of access to small prof

introduction words wrote the first article, a little afraid to write. I did not seem to have written a more than 800 words in the article, the longest one word or the year before last year in Shenzhen to work in, the boss let us write the year-end summary. A lot of people concern this public account, grace much better than me, I really display slight skill before an expert. But I was not afraid of 90!! Study hard, every day. Yesterday Nil God let me first article, too many typos, ah, xiuren ah, buddy I use pinyin input, not five pen, five pen words will prehistoric is 90 people before read more

The first video multi domain code solution

              video website is done first and double domain friends all know that the first video code only supports a domain name corresponding to a code, if there are 2 domain names, can only play one another under the domain name will show you the domain name and the place code does not match or not through the first video network audit!" This will undoubtedly bring a lot of trouble to a couple of domain name webmaster. My station is a novel network (www.77shu.com), due to the opening of the Netcom line (wt.77shu.com) of the domain name, so also encountered this problem, a headache for a while. O (a _ U) O…   now get a piece of code, a good solution to this problem, and does not violate the rules of the first video, put out to share. read more

Wangzhuan experience how to quickly sell Ali Mama advertising

when I found that Ali’s mother to do a few of the principles of success, strict performance. Advertising a few days to sell all the time, every few hours to check the mailbox, you can receive Ali’s mother’s message tips: XXX advertising successfully sold.

my site here ignore Hidden Dragon ah, I can’t afford, or while it was beyond

so how do you sell your ad in a matter of days to the full amount of the month?

I will be my experience selfless dedication of everyone

principle one: let the customer read more

To just friends to understand Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

novice, you must understand the idea of Wangzhuan! Master, don’t waste your time reading this article to make money. Presumably the novice in many forums to see too many hook methods Wangzhuan earn points, but also a lot of people should see a lot: "earned 300 XX project", it seems very easy to make money is very simple, but you really try that kind of people you hang up a day to earn 1 pieces or 3 pieces to buy that? On the project you earn several hundred earn much? Many novice confused, unable to start, do not know who said that is true. read more

Do not rely on Baidu, Google alliance is a monthly income of 2000 yuan

as a one year experience in website webmaster, I have to do first fantasy like the rich personal webmaster, then a formal alliance lost, sober, and then try to cheat, K after being helpless, to There is a way out. Later, now a monthly income of 2000+, generally very few people are willing to share their experience, I come to announce! The top.

one of my station experience


site is the first month of continuous revision several times, my impression is very good for Baidu! Site second months again revised, Baidu talking to me again! To third months to stabilize, therefore, in the 3 months before the site, no profit, but it is very exciting, every day to update do, page, like first love. Do you have this experience, right? Do the beginning of the fifth month earnings, a month to 300 yuan, is very low, and the fundamental yourself every day at 7 in the morning with the new article, working more than and 10 hours a day to pay the labor read more

Discussion on how to identify the Wangzhuan liar to prevent fraud

Wangzhuan liar many projects, but to identify them, it is not hard to do. The following talk about some common net Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project and how to identify them. Wangzhuan liar project in general, can be divided into several categories, the following are about.

1 false creative project

with many creative ideas or methods on behalf of the sale of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, that can earn hundreds of things, even swearing, not how to make money like, looks very attractive. But the reality is not the case. Because some of these creative projects are unrealistic short theory, some of the projects are already outdated, some of the short – term cheating, some are purely random to. Maybe there are good projects, but the proportion is very small. Because good ideas are not usually open, once open, the good ideas may no longer popular, what value. So, usually dare to put up a pageantry open day earn hundreds of Wangzhuan ideas or methods, or is false, or is out of date. When you pay for it, you don’t make any money. So don’t spend money to buy what the new higher creative projects. read more

Rely on the flow of money you have to know three questions

web site on the flow of money or many webmaster, some websites only thousands of IP also can earn a lot of money, and some traffic over tens of thousands, but can not earn much money, the reason to make money flow through the first value or the flow conversion rate, then the best way to improve the flow conversion rate is a good website to enrich the content of the website, but unfortunately, many people want to earn more money in the web page to stack the advertising content, many even overwhelming advertising content accounted for most of the content on the website, this will make a lot of users dislike this site even if there are tens of thousands of traffic, earn money is a little below! I told you about how well the problems of site traffic and earn a lot of money needed to pay attention to the read more

New Oriental is not afraid of online education, fear of online education under the Internet thinking

WeChat public: letter sea light micro world

recently, the CPPCC National Committee, New Oriental Education Group Chairman Yu Minhong is very busy, the National Political Consultative Conference proposal while NPC and CPPCC in Beijing should encourage online education, recommended by the mobile Internet to introduce high-quality educational resources in remote areas; while micro-blog quarrel with people on online education. Accused of advocating the thinking of using the Internet to promote YY free online education 100 education "is the" copy "New Oriental business model, is exaggerated" slogan ", and accused the media of" not hesitate to fabricate rumors to badmouth New Oriental, has been described as the new East seems to fall apart. read more

Do not understand Taobao SEO we can improve traffic

as a grassroots webmaster and I think everybody wants to stand a good ranking, a steady flow, but the reality is that not all of the webmaster to SEO and get baiud.google in the search engines to get huge traffic, if you have a good the site may be in accordance with the following methods can let you get a lot of traffic.

1 ppc. It is best to look at the effect by understanding your users and making reasonable keywords. Make reasonable decisions.

2 soft. For now the webmaster speaking, write a good soft Wen can make a web site you greatly improve the visibility of the site, and if the soft in the right site can give you bring your potential customers unexpected, has written a survey report of a soft analysis of an enterprise master file, on the right on the site one day bring the company 500 calls. So it’s important to talk about software. read more

Farrell congratulations, to receive a red envelope successfully, the full 100 by 21

activity rules:

1 activity time: January 23, 2008 –

in February 22, 2008

2.2008 years before January 23rd successfully registered as members of the website users will automatically receive your account 21 yuan gift vouchers.

3 if you registered in January 23rd to February 22nd between, we will be in your system automatically after the successful activation of the account issued this gift vouchers.


1 all gift vouchers can only be used alone, and not other concessions (like web gifts, buy 9 yuan, when Wednesday and Friday, special offer sale exchange special offer etc.) at the same time, and can be used only once. read more

About 11 of Taobao double money off dry cargo! PS a large amount of information!

was the first to write this article in the double 11 after some without integrity, don’t scold me, no integrity is a certain reason, please have patience to see down with

!A pair of Taobao

11 turnover of 35 billion 19 million, the number and the most independent, BOSS is Taobao, Tmall is the protagonist, supporting the C shop, walk on Taobao customers to promote

C store a lot of people shouting double 11 garbage, no deal. Sometimes, a simple action will play a key role, as far as I know most of the shop baby adjusted to double 11 when the world frame C shop, soup and drink well, a friend of a small C shop daily 200 single, double 11 day more than and 800 single, just adjust the upper and lower frame. Don’t cut up some price. Please don’t think twice as complicated as 11. Would you like me to cut the price? Do I want this one? read more

Entrepreneurship is the most fundamental factor in seeking growth

, a start-up company is often characterized as the rapid growth of the company, only the newly created company does not make itself become a startup. For any start-up companies, based on what technology, whether to get the venture capital, or whether there is an exit mechanism, these are not necessary, the most fundamental thing is to grow.

if you want to start your own business, it’s important to know that. Starting a business is so hard that you can’t put it aside and look forward to success. You must understand that growth is what you need to pursue from start to finish. The good news is that if you get up, then no other things will naturally each to you, which means you will grow as you can on the road of the compass, let you make a decision in the face of all necessary. read more

How do I make money online from right to wrong


embarked on a new road network to make money, is "sleep can make money" to attract such rhetoric. It is hypnotized in the face of such a powerful attraction, that lost the reason, listen to some of the so-called Wangzhuan teacher flicker, which brought defeat economic losses and spiritual. I’m here to tell you my own experience as well as the process of rational return, I hope you are wary of some of the network to make money misleading.

a message, let me step into Wangzhuan read more

What are the prerequisites for making money

now more and more websites, to do a profitable and beautiful website is not so easy thing. How to maximize the benefits of the site, it is worth all the novice webmaster priority.

first of all, to do a site must be prepared in advance, I summed up the two steps.

first step: positioning the market.

What is the purpose of the

website, there are 3 purposes, one is public; one is service; another is the wholesale business of the. Therefore, a site to select the crowd and the market is the key, it is related to your site traffic and value. read more

Excellent purchase from defense to attack 2 years to achieve the integration of online and offline

Zhang Xuejun

Sina Technology Tracy

as a forerunner of the traditional enterprise water electricity supplier, BELLE group’s excellent shopping network has been on the line for two years, this year the electricity industry is relatively excellent purchase raging like a storm, the two years of silence, and purchase and purchase in the end what to do? How will the future? Excellent shopping network within the CEO Zhang Xuejun made a detailed description, in his view excellent purchase has been made defensive strategy, the most important thing is to achieve the integration of online and offline, then the whole strategy to attack transformation. read more