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      India’s largest electricity supplier within a year to close the site only to do applications

      April 22nd, India’s largest electricity supplier company Flipkart announced its plans to completely shut down its website within a year, the business will be fully transferred to mobile applications.

      Flipkart is responsible for the retail and brand strategy vice president Michael · Adnan Ni (Michael Adnani) told the media: "last year, we in the mobile application business to more, but we still insist on sales through the network and desktop. But at this time next year, we will only support the mobile terminal." read more

      More than 4 months, not to invoice Newegg explained invoice tension

      "in September 25th last year, our company bought an electric pressure cooker in Newegg online, website to" invoice tight "has not been invoiced by." The day before yesterday, Mr. Hong told the morning news hotline to reflect this.

      According to

      hung introduced the company in September 25, 2009 in the new online purchase of electric pressure cooker with a price of $499. A few days later, the website has not yet received the invoice. So, Mr. Hong will call the website customer service hotline to ask about the invoice. At that time, the site staff explained: Invoice tension will be dealt with as soon as possible. read more

      Mainland Suning stores will provide free mobile phone film services


      technology news May 16th morning news, vice president Su ningyun Li Bin released today, micro-blog said, Suning stores will provide free mobile phone film services, 34 of the first city to provide the service, May 19th officially started.

      According to Li Bin

      , micro-blog said, Suning stores will provide free film services for consumers, not owned film consumers Suning stores will provide free film. Regardless of whether the phone is purchased in Suning stores, will be free to enjoy the service. The micro-blog also said that the free film services will become one of Suning stores service standard. read more

      SEO Combat high quality user experience to help you before the raid three row rank


      search engine ranked in the top three websites will take industry flow of 75%, this is the webmaster and SEOer kept using the technology refresh ranked the top three reasons on the. In order to find the rules of the current search engine algorithm, in order to get the top three ranking position, the most important thing is to meet the user experience, the only way to make the site as far as possible before the rankings. However, this one also has a misunderstanding, the so-called user experience is not a single demand to meet, but to meet the needs of the integrated user, or that is a whole. Therefore, the author Dennis to together with everybody today is to study how to combat SEO needs to achieve through the comprehensive ranking of the top three positions. read more

      What is lottery marketing Taobao lottery marketing skills

      currently, Taobao sellers use promotional tools, such as shipping, reward, praise back now, discounts, packages and collocation in its essence, is nothing more than money to the buyer". However, when it comes to the buyer to make money, promotional tools only lottery marketing.

      a small lottery, the cost is only 2 yuan, but the buyer can bring unlimited reverie, which greatly improves the shopping fun, and with a variety of methods, lottery marketing as a new promotion is being more and more sellers use. read more

      Domain deletion list April 27, 2007


      station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0051@vip.163.com 0516–83777726


      ucba.cn 102c.com
      hjlr.com< br />hjt3.com
      ivuy.com CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

      The possibility of e-commerce in training industry

      Baidu e-commerce to find the relevant results of about 100000000, from this simple data to see how popular e-commerce today. In recent years, e-commerce is a trend which cannot be halted swept the major industries, whether traditional or emerging, whether it is high-end or low-end, e-commerce is undoubtedly more and more extensive influence on people’s life. 2010 China’s education and training market size has reached 300 billion yuan, the education and training industry, although there is no real estate, automotive and other industries huge sums of money and profits, but he has been a sunrise industry. For such a rapid development of the sunrise industry, e-commerce can shine into the traditional education and training industry, read more

      Ali really made a wine festival, said Zhang Yong is not selling wine culture

      [TechWeb] August 30th news reports, after the double 11 Festival, special purchases for the Spring Festival Alibaba, built a wine festival. Today’s first 9.9 Tmall global wine festival was officially launched, starting in September 1st, Tmall and Tmall international, consumers will be able to enjoy over 100 thousand drinks from over 50 countries.

      in fact, as early as April of this year, the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma attended the Italy Verona wine show when he said, "to start from Italy, France, the future, the day of September 9th will be the global wine festival." At that time, Ma’s remarks have sparked heated debate, and now Ali really made a wine festival. read more

      Ali listed after the first double Eleven globalization and wireless


      technology news October 13th morning news, Alibaba in Hangzhou today announced the listing the first Tmall double 11 shopping Carnival strategy. This year’s double 11 will be around Ali electricity supplier ecosystem, force globalization, wireless and platform in three directions.

      five years, the dual has gradually changed from the electricity supplier marketing day shopping carnival, and this year’s promotional range will also be extended from the domestic to the world. The double 11 shopping Carnival will be the largest number of years to participate in the number of years of business, only Tmall has a number of businesses involved in it. read more

      Vintage the electricity supplier every day is a winter hold means everything

      CEO (aged Eslite ifeng.com technology plan)

      for VANCL aged CEO, "this is the eventful winter".

      5% layoffs storm just after the end of November, former vice president Eric Wu turnover. Another wave of dirt and pointing at the customer, an anonymous netizen in the blog called "where customers can very long" series of Posts "(customer) has been estimated to hold a crisis, domestic trouble and foreign invasion." At every guest post burn day to make ends meet.

      where the customer from the beginning of its birth, he was coerced capital run quickly, is considered to be the China B2C symbol. Round of funding to follow up, from October 2007 to date, venture ferocious, a total of six rounds of financing, about $420 million. Investors include IDG, LIAN, Lei ceyuan, Qiming, Saif partners, tiger capital and Temasek etc.. read more

      Liu Qiangdong former girlfriend Gong Xiaojing confirmed to the East as a consultant of public affair

      [TechWeb] August 7th Evening News reported today, there are people from the media in the circle of friends issued a document called the Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong Gong Xiaojing has confirmed his ex girlfriend back to Jingdong, Jingdong group vice president of strategic position. Today, at a financial conference, the outflow of Gong Xiaojing on behalf of Jingdong to participate in a financial conference table signed photos.

      today evening the BOE for the media confirmed, "Ms Gong Xiaojing from the original unit after the departure, currently serves as an advisor to the public affairs group strategy of Jingdong." read more

      The5v new creative advertising material

      to your new and old webmaster friends:

      The5v advertising alliance in order to meet the arrival of Christmas, to help owners get more revenue, specially designed a number of new advertising. New material using the most fashionable elements, the most perfect interpretation of the text, the choice of a variety of formats, only to make the site more attractive advertising, but also arouse the attention of users, thereby increasing the income of the owners.

      since the establishment of the union, the number of members has been the rapid development of the situation in which everyone gains is steadily improving. The union uses the most advanced settlement method – weekly settlement, so that the fastest flow of funds in the channel. The credibility of the alliance is every webmaster are concerned, our credibility through a period of time to prove, has been a lot of webmaster trust and support. read more

      The hook Wangzhuan true colors.

      A lot of new

      Wangzhuan (we also become rookie who love do) hang up the project. Think of is, in the heart, the hook is a software open, what is not, what also do not need operation, every day to earn a few hundred dollars more than what, really cool! Is this? Buy hang buddy heart should have the answer: the reality of the project. With our mind hanging far worse, that is to say in other words we buy 98% items is not to earn money, and those mostly bluff.

      today I will come to you to hang up Wangzhuan really read more

      Discussion see market segmentation from Ma Jiajia dripping fun shop

      Ma Jiajia, sex shop, market segmentation, want to see the words of friends have to guess about the second, yes, today a few cases come about market segmentation the owners got an earful of words

      Ma Jiajia, said today bad Street Internet thinking, basically will be mentioned, she put the obscure shy fun shop was open to our work in just ways, and thus attract many fans, of which there are undeniable Internet thinking, but I think it is more important to all this fun shop, touch grass root pain points, how many have the courage to work in just ways into appeal shop, take away that you under under the watchful eyes of the people love and hate the aircraft cup, most still keep in front of the computer, silently receiving orders, silently, even ashamed to tell anyone. Adult products industry, this does not belong to the breakdown of the field, but the beauty of sexy goods store, which is definitely not a fine field. read more

      Traditional electricity providers do business difficult three reasons

      traditional enterprise net "has been for some years, but according to the China Franchise Association statistics, in 2012 the traditional enterprise electric retail slowdown, or even their own websites shut down part of the traditional enterprise; has to carry out the business of traditional enterprises, the proportion of online business scale often a lot lower than the line of small scale; as of the first half data show in 2012. The Internet retail top ten only suning.com is a traditional business background, the rest are all pure business. How to explain the difficulty of traditional enterprise electricity supplier it? read more

      Ning Mei country to join Razer belief host Madden pre-sale


      distance of double eleven, less than a month’s time, buddies ready to chop hands? During the double eleven, Tmall will have a big wave Er value cool struck, this year is no exception, major businesses have begun planning this year Tmall brains dual eleven activities. The day before, we learned that Ningmei Guo double eleven pre-sale has been popular open. The first is a religion full of high-end gaming consoles, let’s go and have a look!

      Ningmei Guo the use of global lifestyle brand Razer game player Razer theme image to create a flagship game, the first game of kryptonite Mars host which is Ningmei Guo using Razer chassis design theme. The game host allows us to see the launch of what was the original "black green belief", large number of Razer fans have tempted heart small excited read more

      Blank Google AdSense advertising optimization advanced skill

      blank is a technique often used in print media. For example, when the newspaper layout in the configuration, not filled the better, the appropriate leave some blank, not only beautify the layout, but also to ensure the quality of the user experience.

      in web advertising configuration and layout, we can also learn from the blank skills of traditional media, to provide space for the readers to release the pressure. The following combined with a detailed description of the case.

      this is a very common article page, we can choose two kinds of advertising configuration: read more

      The thousand master hand in hand to teach you how to Wangzhuan

      with the increasing number of college graduates year after year, the growing talent market, resulting in a downward trend in employment rates, to the majority of students and migrant workers have brought tremendous pressure on employment. Among them, it is inevitable that there will be a group of people who want to start their own business heap. If you are a social freshmen students, or an idle member of society, so how to protect life, or even the creation of a

      increase in business?

      first, cultural entrepreneurship. If you write very solid, can choose to entrepreneurial culture. There are a lot of cultural business platform, such as "refers to the customer network, through the creation of their own wonderful SMS works, as the seed release to the customer to provide others online, download and forwarding, then you can download by others forward and get profit and operators were divided into. In addition, you can also participate in that guest online each of the prize activities, creating wonderful message and then use the gold to earn coins, mobile prepaid card, then your days and months multiplying, prepaid card sold, this is not a kind of income read more

      Story Silicon Valley youth entrepreneurship incubator 500 Startups graduation ceremony

      500 Startups founder David · wearing masks to spend; shuabao host Demo Day


      technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley

      If there is no

      on the big screen PPT, cheers and applause to the audience, accompanied by the stage lighting effects, looking radiant stars onto the stage in turn, published in 3 minutes or wit or sincere speech, you may feel in a ceremony of the scene.

      this is a well-known Silicon Valley incubator 500 Startups · founder David (Dave McClure); spend to effect, in order to make entrepreneurs relax, he even wearing masks to host, brought the house down. Mountain view, San Francisco, New York, the science and technology and venture capital industry around more than and 20 years old people in Silicon Valley with a group of young entrepreneurs, investors to show young entrepreneurial dreams, persuade them to participate in achievement under a pioneering miracle. read more

      Online dating Naomeng Shouyang investment risk

      The newspaper news (reporter Li Lei) was "Jiayuan" website fame "Helen of Troy", unexpectedly found that many venture capitalists have come, hope to cooperate with her. Not just from the attention of venture capitalists, dating sites have been Xianshanloushui huge business opportunities. According to the latest survey by the third party survey agency iResearch released yesterday showed that there are seven adults willing to pay for online dating.

      so, the user is willing to pay much for the other half pay? According to the introduction, in as many as 70% who are willing to pay, 29.5% of users are willing to come up with a monthly 10 yuan amount, 18.8% of people are willing to come up with 10 yuan to 30 yuan, 11.1% of users are willing to pay 30 yuan to 50 yuan; 7.7% of users are willing to pay 50 yuan to 100 yuan, 2.3% more users are willing to fund the super over 100 yuan. In fact, China’s Internet dating industry has entered the development period revealed clues. As the lily network at the beginning of the establishment of 1 years has attracted nearly 5 million registered users, Jiayuan newly registered members from the original every day dozens of people to the present day five thousand. It is understood that China’s marriage as the theme of dating sites, although the initial stage, but the rapid development. Data show that in 2004 the national online marriage

      read more